Introduction to Email Management (EM) for Outlook

Email Management (EM) for Outlook enables you to file emails, meeting requests, and assigned tasks directly from Outlook to iManage Work. The integration of the iManage Work features enables filing to occur in the background while you perform other tasks in Outlook.

The following are the main features of EM for Outlook:

  • Preview NRL file attachments in Outlook without opening them by clicking the attachment icon in the Reading Pane.

  • File emails to iManage Work when sending them, a feature known as Send and File.

  • File emails (without choosing locations) based on the suggested filing locations and recent locations.

  • File emails to multiple locations in the same or different iManage Work Servers at the same time using a single procedure.

  • File existing emails from any Outlook folder to iManage Work.

  • File meeting requests and tasks to iManage Work.

  • File emails from search folders where the messages are from different mailbox folders.

  • File emails when offline while using the Send and File feature.

  • Drag-and-drop capability to file emails directly into a workspace in your My Matters list.

  • Choose to print, mark as private, or delete emails automatically when filing occurs in the background.

  • Link Outlook folders and their sub folders to iManage Work folders for automatic filing of emails.

  • Save email attachments from multiple emails at the same time to iManage Work.

  • Insert iManage Work items as email attachments.

  • Drag an iManage Work document into an open email to attach it as a local copy.

  • Advanced search options for locating the desired documents, emails, clients, and matters in iManage Work.

  • Re-file emails to different locations.

You must connect to an iManage Work Server 10.4.0 or later to perform these tasks. For more information, see Connecting to the server.