Lightweight Email Management feature set

You can choose to deploy either the full set of email management features in Microsoft Outlook, or opt for a lighter integration if you do not file emails regularly or have an email journaling solution in your organization. The lightweight integration continues to provide the following features related to attachment handling and document management:

  • Saving attachments

  • Inserting links

  • iManage Work panel

This is configurable using the EnableEMM option in the imEMM.config file. When you disable the filing features, the following changes are visible in the default application behavior:

  • Quick File and File right-click options for Outlook items are hidden.

  • Email Management (EM) task pane (iManage Work toolbar) is hidden everywhere it appears in Outlook folder views and email window.

  • Link to iManage right-click option is hidden for folders, and users are not prompted to link new folders they create.

  • Secure Send option is hidden.

  • File and Filing Details options on the iManage Work ribbon are hidden.

  • Send and File option is not available, as the Select Filing Location dialog box is not displayed when users compose and send an email.

For more information, refer to the imEMM.config section in iManage Work Desktop for Windows Customization Guide.