Modifying folder links

You can modify links for each shared mailbox folder as required by doing the following:

  1. Right-click a linked folder in the shared mailbox and select Link to iManage > Edit Link Settings. The Link Folder to iManage dialog box appears.

  2. Select Browse and navigate to the new folder to be linked and click Select.

  3. (Optional) Select or clear the following check boxes:

    • Leave messages in Outlook after filing: If selected (the default), email messages in the linked shared mailbox folder are moved to iManage Work and automatically deleted from the shared mailbox folder after they are filed. If cleared, messages remain in the shared mailbox folder after being filed. This check box is selected by default.

    • File messages as Private : Select this check box to apply the private security policy.


      By default, emails filed to iManage Work inherit the security policy of the parent folder.

    • Map all sub folders: All subfolders in the selected shared mailbox folder are also linked. That is, the same subfolder structure is created in the iManage folder, and emails are filed to these subfolders.


      The Map all sub folders check box may not be displayed in some instances even though sub folders are available. This is because at times Microsoft Outlook may not return the sub folder information in a shared mailbox. This is a limitation with Microsoft Outlook.

  4. Select OK. The link is now modified.