Navigating through ribbon using keyboard

You can navigate through the ribbon menu in Microsoft Office applications (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Outlook), or Microsoft Project, or Microsoft Visio by using the following keyboard keys:

  • Press TAB to move forward or SHIFT + TAB to move back ribbon items .

  • Press the UP and DOWN arrows keys to access submenus.

  • Press Spacebar to enable/disable radio buttons or select/unselect checkboxes.

  • Press F5 for refreshing the panels or dialogs or menus.

  • Press F6 to traverse between panes.

  • Press ESC to cancel the action.

  • Press Enter to confirm an action or expand sub-menus.

  • Press WINS+UP arrow key to maximize your window.

  • Press WINS+DOWN arrow key to minimize your Window.

  • Press SHIFT+F10 to display the right-click menu.