Notifications for checked out documents

iManage Work Desktop for Windows now reminds you to check in documents that you leave checked out. By default, you see iManage Agent notifications if documents are left checked out for more than six hours. Select images/download/thumbnails/110481312/MoreActions.png and then select Unlock or select Open to make further changes and then close the document.

If your administrator enables the reminder for closing documents (default setting is disabled), you are reminded at 16.30 pm to close the documents that remain open. This reminder is displayed every 10 minutes if you close it and appears thrice in a day before being dismissed for the day. Close the document in the application where it is left open.


These notifications are displayed based on how your administrator enables and customizes the available options. For more information about how to configure or disable this feature, refer to "Notifications for checkedout files" in the imWorkOptions.xml section in iManage Work Desktop for Windows Customization Guide.

Figure: Notification for checked out documents