Opening a PDF document from iManage Work

Open a PDF document filed in iManage Work using Adobe Acrobat Pro or Adobe Acrobat Reader DC by either of the following methods:


You can connect to the different iManage Work Servers that you have access to, open documents saved on each of these servers, and simultaneously work on multiple documents.

You can use Open while working offline, too. In this case, the Open [Offline] dialog box displays only those documents that are backed in to your local drive. For more information about saving documents to your local drive, see Saving PDF documents. All documents that were backed up from different iManage Work Servers are listed together.


From version 10.6.0 onwards, if you have a copy of a PDF file in your the Recent folder and a new version of the file is available in iManage Work, trying to open the file in the Recent folder opens the version available in iManage Work and closes the local copy.

From iManage menu

On the iManage menu, select Open. In the Open dialog box that appears, you can perform the following tasks:

Searching for Documents

By default, the Open dialog box displays a list of Recent Documents (PDF documents). Documents that you have recently accessed from different iManage Work Servers are all listed here. You can also select Recent Folders, Recent Matters, Recent Clients, or My Favorites from the left pane. Use the navigation buttons to go back images/download/attachments/129998907/Back.png , forward images/download/attachments/129998907/forward.png , or up one container level images/download/attachments/129998907/LevelUp.png . Use the search box to search for specific documents in the selected container. For more information about using the search bar, see Using the search box.


The default Recent Documents tab view may change as iManage retains your preferences for navigation tabs and propagates them from one client to another. For more information, see Retaining your preferences for navigation tabs.

When you locate the document, select the document name that appears as a link to open it. Alternatively,

  1. Select the document icon. The Open button is highlighted.

  2. Select Open and then select either of the following:

    • Open Read-Only: Opens the document in Adobe Acrobat Pro or Acrobat Reader.

    • Open as Copy: Displays the Select Destination Folder dialog box. Select a location and select Save. A copy is saved to iManage Work and opened in Adobe Acrobat Pro or Acrobat Reader.


      To view the contents of a folder, select the folder and then select images/download/attachments/129998907/DisplayContents.png .

Filtering Content

Filtering enables you to sort search results or the content in iManage Work containers. By default, the File Type filter is set to Adobe PDF files. For more information, see Filtering content.

Displaying Document Details

The Show/Hide Details images/download/thumbnails/129998907/Show_Details.png icon provides you with a quick view of the properties, versions, and a preview of any selected document.

From File Menu

On the File menu, select Open from iManage. The Open dialog box appears. By default, a list of your most recent documents is displayed.