Purging files from your recent documents folder

Whenever you open a file from iManage Work using the iManage Work Desktop for Windows application, a copy of the file is downloaded to the %AppData%\Roaming\iManage\Work\Recent folder. Unless deleted manually, the files remained in the folder. To prevent files from accumulating and unnecessarily increasing hard disk space usage and to prevent the risk of accidentally deleting files that were taken offline, iManage has introduced the Purge feature that automatically removes files that have not been modified within a configurable number of days (default is 30, minimum is 1) from the Recent folder.

The iwPurgeRecentAgeThreshold option enables you to configure the purge feature. For more information, refer to the imWorkOption.xml section in iManage Work Desktop for Windows Customization Guide.


  • System or hidden files, such as, .ini, .prf, and .cmt are not purged.

  • iManage files that are checked out, modified offline, or newly created offline are excluded.

  • Purged files are moved to the local recycle bin instead of being permanently deleted.