Quick filing using workspace search in iManage Work toolbar

  1. Select the email you want to file.

  2. In the search field in the iManage Work toolbar, enter four characters of the workspace name. The search begins automatically.

  3. Select images/download/thumbnails/129996574/WorkspaceUnexpanded.png to the left of the workspace in the list of search results and double-click the folder to which you want to file the email.

  4. (Optional) Select images/download/thumbnails/129996574/WorkspaceUnexpanded.png to the left of a folder to select a folder within it. Repeat this until you drill down to the required level and locate the folder you want to file the email to.


    Though they are displayed as part of the workspace and folder content list, you cannot file emails to folder shortcuts, search folders, tabs, and Share folders.

    To increase accuracy of email suggestions, from version 10.6.0 a suggestion icon and tooltip is now displayed to indicate that alternate filing suggestions are available when you select a filing location for filing emails.

    Figure: Suggestion icon and tooltip


  5. Select the Quick File button on the toolbar, or right-click the email and select Quick File. The email is filed.

Figure: Workspace search in the toolbar



From 10.2.7 onwards:

Instead of drilling down to the folder level within a workspace, you can now quickly file emails by selecting a workspace directly when filing emails using workspace search option. The emails are filed to the default email filing folder in the workspace. Ensure that the workspace contains the default filing folder specified using the Default Email Folder option in iManage Control Center. If no such folder is available, you are prompted to select another folder in the workspace. For more information about setting the default filing folder, refer to the Global section in iManage Control Center Help.

(Optional) You can perform the following tasks as required:

  • Select the search language using the Set language images/download/thumbnails/129996574/ToolbarSearchLanguage.png icon (located on the right-side of the search box), and select the database in which the workspace must be searched using the workspace icon images/download/thumbnails/129996574/SelectDatabase.png on the left side of the search box.

  • Use the Clear search images/download/thumbnails/129996574/ClearSearch.png and Recent searches images/download/thumbnails/129996574/RecentSearches.png options.