Replying and forwarding emails from the Work Panel

  1. In the panel, select the Emails tab to view the recently filed emails. Alternatively, navigate to the iManage Work folder that contains the desired email.

  2. Right-click the email and select Reply, Reply All, or Forward. Alternatively, select images/download/attachments/173909304/KebabMenu.png and then select Reply, Reply All, or Forward.


    Your emails open in Microsoft Outlook if your machine has Outlook installed and open.

    If you choose Reply or Reply All, the Subject and To fields appear pre-populated with the relevant data. For Forward, data is populated only for the Subject field.

  3. Enter additional email addresses in the To field, and select images/download/thumbnails/173909304/EmailOptions.png to enter email addresses in the Cc and Bcc fields.

  4. In the Message field, enter the desired text.

  5. Select Send & File or Send.