Right-click menu options

When you right-click an email in Microsoft Outlook, the following iManage Work options are displayed:

  • Quick File: Files the email to the suggested location displayed in the EM task pane. If no suggested locations are available, the Browse and File dialog box appears. Browse to the desired iManage Work location to file the email or select a recent location.

  • File: Enables you to view the Suggested Locations and Recent Locations (if any). The email is filed to the location you select from this list. Alternatively, select Browse and File to select an iManage Work location to file the email. For more information, see Filing an email to multiple locations.


    Based on your filing history, suggested locations and/or recent locations may not be available. The Suggested Locations and Recent Locations options can list locations from the current server or the other iManage Work Servers that you recently connected to. Use the Browse and File option to select a location on the server that you are currently connected to.

Figure: Right-click menu options for emails