Saving attachments from Microsoft Outlook invitation

From version 10.6.0 onwards, you can save attachments sent though meetings, appointments, contacts, document items, journals, reports, or tasks by doing the following:

  1. Select an invite, meeting or appointment in Microsoft Outlook list view.

  2. Select Save Attachments in the iManage Work Email Management toolbar . The attachments for the invite or meeting or appointment are displayed.

  3. Point to the desired attachment in the list and select one of the following options:
    To save the attachment as a new document in iManage Work:

    1. Select New Document. The Save As dialog box appears. It displays the locations on iManage Work Server that you are currently connected to.

    2. Navigate to the desired location in iManage Work.

    3. Select Save.

    To save the attachment as a new version of an existing iManage Work document:

    1. Select New Version. The Select File dialog box appears.

    2. Select the existing iManage Work document and then choose Select.