Saving multiple attachments from email(s)

You can save multiple attachments from one or several emails at the same time to iManage Work by selecting the Outlook emails and selecting Save Attachments.

  1. Select one or more emails in Outlook.

  2. On the Home tab in Outlook, in the iManage Work ribbon group, select Save Attachments. All attachments for the selected emails are listed.

  3. Select All Attachments. The Save Attachment to iManage dialog box appears with the following default settings:

    • All attachments are selected.

    • Use same destination folder check box is selected.

    • New Document button is available, and New Version button is greyed out.

  4. To save the attachments as new documents in iManage Work:

    1. Select New Document. The Save As dialog box appears.

    2. Navigate to the desired location in iManage Work.

    3. Select Save.

    To save the attachments individually, see Saving a single attachment.