Sending and filing emails

The Select Filing Location dialog box appears after you select Send for any email (new emails, drafts, or emails in your Inbox and Sent Items folder). Select the desired location on the server you are connected to or on the iManage Work Servers that you recently connected to from the Suggested Locations Recent Locations list, and select Send and File. The iManage luggage tag is added to the email and the filing locations are displayed in the Cc field.


The settings in your configuration files determine whether the luggage tag is enabled or disabled, and whether the filing locations appear in To, Cc, or Bcc field. For more information, see the Customizing Email Management for Outlook section in iManage Work Desktop for Windows Customization Guide.

Also, if the email is filed to multiple locations, the luggage tag is not added to the email even if it is enabled.

For more information about using the Select Filing Location dialog box, see Filing an email to multiple locations.

Adding a subject for filed emails


From version 10.8.0 onwards, the Filed email description field is disabled by default. You can use the Rename email subject when filing feature to rename the subject when filing the sent email to iManage Work. Your administrator can however enable the Filed email description field by setting EnableOldChangeDescription configuration setting to 1 in the imEMM.config file. For more information, contact your administrator or refer to the imEMM.config section in the iManage Work Customization Guide.

When configuration setting is set to 1 in the imEMM.config file, the Filed email description field is enabled and the images/download/thumbnails/163612346/checkbox_rename_filing.PNG checkbox is not available in the Select Filing Location dialog box.

While you Send and File emails from Microsoft Outlook, you can add a desired subject to the emails for your reference using the Filed email description field in the Select Filing Location dialog box. The subject of the emails in Outlook remains unchanged and the description you add is displayed in the Subject field of the emails filed to iManage Work.

Figure: Filed email description field


For example, you want to email a draft of the service contract to Riverside Corp. who is a prospective client with the subject: Contract for perusal. You may want to save this email to iManage Work with the subject: Riverside Corp: Follow up and close deal. This helps you or your partners know at a glance what action is required next when they look at the email later in iManage Work.

The Filed email description field is available when you try to Send and File new emails that you are composing, and Reply to or Forward filed emails. It is not available for emails that have a luggage tag, such as, when you do a Reply all for filed emails. The character limit for the text you enter is 254 (as imposed by Outlook).


  • This feature is available only for client-side filing. Ensure that the ClientSideSendAndFile and UseClientSideFiling options are set to 1. For more information, refer to the Client-side filing options table in the imEMM.config section in iManage Work Desktop for Windows Customization Guide.

  • De-duplication is not supported.

  • The description has a 254 character limit.

  • Adding a description for an email removes the email from the existing conversation thread in iManage Work and displays as a new item. If a description is added or edited, the updated description is displayed in iManage Work instead of the email subject.

  • Adding or editing the description of multiple emails by selecting more than one email at a time is not supported.