Sending secure attachments

You can use the Secure Send option in the new email windows using keyboard shortcuts by doing the following:

  1. In Microsoft Outlook, use the shortcut key provided by Microsoft to open a new email window.

  2. Use the TAB key to navigate until the Secure Send option is highlighted and then press Spacebar to enable this option.

  3. Press ALT to display the shortcut keys and then press the shortcut displayed to insert an iManage Work attachment. For example, press M to access the Message tab and then press Y2 to access Insert iManage Attachment. The iManage Select dialog box appears. Navigate through this dialog box using the TAB key and the RIGHT/LEFT and UP/DOWN arrows keys to select the attachment to be inserted. The documents are added to the Attachments tab in the Secure Send panel.

  4. Press F6 to navigate through the Secure Send panel. When Attachments tab is selected, use the UP and DOWN arrow keys to switch between the Attachments and Settings tabs. Use the UP and DOWN arrow keys to navigate between the attachments on the Attachments tab and to set the expiry date on the Settings tab. Use SHIFT+F10 to access the kebab menu displayed next to the attachment.

For more information about how to use secure send, refer to Sending secure attachments.