Sharing access and viewing/hiding shared matters

You can give permission for other users to subscribe to your My Matters and Recent Matters, and other users can give you permission to access theirs using the Share Access option. You can access the matter worklists that you have subscribed to in the iManage Open and Save dialog boxes and also in the iManage Work panel.

Sharing Access to Your Matters

  1. Select Matters > My Matters.

  2. Select More Actions images/download/thumbnails/74457331/MoreActions.png and select Share Access.

  3. Select Add Users/Groups.

  4. Enter the desired text in the search box to display the list of users and groups, and select a user or group name.

  5. On the permission list, select Full Access, Read Only, Read Write, or No Access.

  6. Select Confirm. The user or group is added to the Users/Groups with Permission list.

  7. Select Close to exit the Share Access dialog box, and return to iManage Work panel.

Viewing/Hiding Shared Matters

All users who have shared their matters with you appear in a drop-down list in the My Matters and Recent Matters views. Select a user from the list to view their My Matters and Recent Matters. If you do not want to view a user's matters, select Manage User Views, select Hidden from the list next to the user's name, and then select Save.