Suggested locations data

The suggested locations data from your previous iManage Work client is migrated to your new client.


Migration of suggested locations is currently supported only when upgrading from iManage FileSite version 9.3.0 or later.

From iManage Work Desktop 10.2.5 onwards, all suggested locations data from EM for Outlook is saved in the imanEFSDB2.sdf file located at ... AppData\Roaming\iManage\Work . The password for the suggestions database is stored in the Credential Manager under Windows Credentials and the name of the setting is iManWorkDB.


  • Firms that use roaming user profiles and selectively roam data and roam the filing suggestions database should also ensure that they roam the associated key file and the database password stored in Credential Manager. The key file is named imanEFSDB2.key and located in the same directory as the suggestions database.

  • imanEFS writes its logs into the same log files as Outlook, that is, the OUTLOOK.iManage.Work log files located at ...AppData\Local\iManage\Work\Logs.

In case you accidentally delete or lose the suggestions data saved to this location, you can retrieve it using the backup files maintained in the ...AppData\Roaming\iManage\Work\SuggestionsBackUp folder.

A backup file is created (only one file per day) whenever you restart Microsoft Outlook, and the SuggestionsBackUp folder stores 10 of the latest backup files.