Updating source documents

If the source document is updated, a blue dot (images/download/thumbnails/163628262/Screenshot_2022-01-13_at_12.40.13_PM.png ) is displayed next to the document in the iManage Links Manager panel. You can update the source document in the container document by doing the following:

  1. From iManage Work Desktop for Windows, open the container document in which you want to update the link.

  2. In the iManage Links Manager panel, select images/download/thumbnails/163628262/Screenshot_2021-12-13_at_4.57.56_PM.png next to the source document which you want to update.

  3. Select Update link. The source document is updated with the latest content.
    Alternatively, select Update if there are multiple source documents to be updated. The source documents are updated.