Uploading offline PDF documents

After you have worked with PDFs offline, select View Offline Files on the iManage tab the next time you connect to iManage Work. The Offline pane appears on the left side.

Figure: Offline pane


The figure displays the following:

  • The first two items show the Client Record document that was saved to two different iManage Work locations using the offline Save As option.

  • The third item shows that the user made changes to version 1 of the Client Record document (using the offline Save As New Version option) which is denoted by the + symbol appended to the version number.

  • The fourth item shows an activity similar to the third where changes were made to version 2.

  • The fifth item is a document that was still checked out by the user when the user went offline.

Right-click any document. The following options are available on the content menu:

  • Open: View the document and make further changes if desired.

  • Upload: Upload the new document to iManage Work to ensure that the latest changes to existing document are checked in. Documents that are uploaded are removed from the Offline pane.

  • Move to Recycle Bin: Remove the document from the list of offline documents.

Alternatively, select Upload All to upload all documents in the list. Separate dialog boxes appear for each document depending on the type of save activity you performed when offline. A success message is displayed when all documents are uploaded.