iManage Work Panel

The Work Panel appears in the right side of the Microsoft Outlook window when you select Work Panel in the iManage Work ribbon group. This panel provides the same features that are part of the iManage Work. Additionally, it has some features for filing and emailing links to iManage Work items. For more information, see Using the iManage Work Panel.


  • Third-party extensions that are available as context menus in iManage Work are also available in the iManage Work panel in Outlook. After you upgrade to iManage Work Server 10.4.0 or later, you must also upgrade your desktop clients to ensure that this feature is available. For information about adding third-party applications into iManage Control Center, refer to the following topics Applications and Context menus in iManage Control Center Help.

  • Now you can securely send emails and collaborate using iManage Share from within the Work panel.

  • The state of the Work Pane from the last Outlook session is retained. When you open Microsoft Outlook, the Work pane will be displayed, or not displayed, according to the last used option.

You can adjust the iManage Work panel using the following steps:

  • Detach the panel from your Outlook window and move the panel to a second monitor by selecting the panel and dragging it to the required position.

  • Resize or close the panel by using the Size and Close options that can be accessed by selecting the Task Pane Options images/download/thumbnails/173905417/TaskPaneOptions.png button. Alternatively, select the Close images/download/thumbnails/173905417/CloseTaskPane.png button on the right of the task pane to close it.