iManage integration with Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Project

Similar to the existing iManage integration with applications in the Microsoft Office suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook), iManage Work 10.2 and later has extended the integration to Microsoft Visio (2013 and later) and Microsoft Project (2013 and later). The iManage ribbon is added to the application and iManage options are available in the Backstage view. Users can perform the following tasks

  • iManage Open (Ctrl+O), open read-only, and open as copy.

  • iManage Save (Ctrl+S), Save & Sync, Save as New Version, and Save as PDF.

  • iManage Open, Save As, and New Version from within the Backstage view in MS Project.

  • iManage Open from within the Backstage view in Visio.

  • Check in their changes on file close/exit.

  • Send a copy of an iManage document as an attachment, an iManage link, and a PDF/XPS attachment.

  • View the properties, versions, and timeline information of the iManage file from the task pane on the right side.

  • View any offline changed files in the online mode.

  • Insert iManage files as hyperlinks and insert iManage images to their drawings in Visio.

  • Convert iManage 2003-2010 drawings (.vsd), Visio 2003-2010 templates (.vst) or 2003-2010 stencils (*.vss) to newer formats (.vsdx, .vstx, and .vssx) by selecting Convert on the Info tab.

  • For MS Project, users are prompted to save to older files in the latest format when they close or save the files. Users can choose to keep the current format or save to the latest one.

  • Smart documents feature is supported for the following Microsoft Visio file types:

    • VSDX

    • VSSX

    • VSTX

    • VSDM

    • VSSM

    • VSTM


The following are some limitations in the integration with Microsoft Project and Visio:

  • Co-Authoring and Compare features are not available.

  • Because changing the caption of the current document is not supported, the caption displays only the file name.

  • Users are not prompted to save files to iManage when closing a new document in ActiveMode.

The following are some limitations in the integration with Microsoft Project:

  • Like PowerPoint, users are unable to remove the previous versions from the Most Recently Used (MRU) list after the document is saved as a new version, and the previous version gets removed from the local directory.

  • MS Project can support only partial active mode: File Open (Ctrl+O) and File Save (Ctrl+S). File Open and File Save will respect the PassiveMode setting in the imWorkOptions.xml- because Project's Saved flag is always false after you open a file, even if you open a blank project.

    If iManage supports Active mode and prompts users to save the changes and they choose NO, MS Project will prompt them a second time.

The following are some limitations in the integration with Microsoft Visio:

  • Because Visio does not support task panes, the Sync Offline Files panel can only be displayed for only an active document and be docked to it.

  • Unable to log file print history as no print-related events are available in Visio.

  • Home tab does not contain iManage ribbon options out-of-the-box.