Checking out files from iManage Work

  1. Select the iManage Agent images/download/thumbnails/89264766/Menulet.png menulet on the Mac menu bar, and then select Open iManage Work.
    If prompted, enter your sign in credentials for iManage Work and select Sign in.

  2. Navigate to the desired document, select the images/download/thumbnails/89264766/KebabMenu.png icon, and then select Edit. Alternatively, right-click the document and then select Edit.
    The document is downloaded to the Documents > iManage folder and then opens in its native application. It is checked out and ready for edits.
    (Optional) To view the change in the document status displayed in the iManage Work list, select the refresh images/download/thumbnails/89264766/Refresh.png icon or press Command+R. The checked out images/download/thumbnails/89264766/Lock.png icon is displayed for the document.


  • The Edit option is available for iWork suite documents only if you use iManage Work web client or later. If you have an older iManage Work web client, use the Open Document option on the iManage menulet or the Services menu in an integrated iWork Suite application to open/check out documents using the iManage Work Open dialog box. For more information, see Opening files from iManage Work.

  • For macOS Catalina, a system-generated message is displayed asking you to give the application access to your Documents folder when you check out a document or open it for editing. For more information, refer to the Security configuration section in iManage Work Desktop for Mac Installation Guide 10.2.4.

For more information about working with documents using iManage Work, refer to iManage Work Help.