Using the iManage Work panel in Microsoft Outlook

The iManage Work panel available in Microsoft Outlook, enables you to perform the following email management tasks:


The iManage Work panel appears/is visible only when one email is selected. Due to Outlook limitations, multi-select is not supported. If you select more than one email, the panel closes.

  • Filing emails by copying or moving them

  • Filing emails as private to ensure only you can view them

  • Saving all or selected attachments in emails as a new document or new version

  • Send and File outgoing emails

  • Send and File replies and forwards of existing emails

  • Insert files as attachments, hyperlinks, and NRLs

  • Drag an email from Outlook to file it and its attachments, and drag files from your Mac to save them to iManage Work using the iManage Work (web view) in the panel.

The panel can also be accessed while composing emails, replying to and forwarding emails, and creating a new event.

Figure: iManage Work panel in Microsoft Outlook



The panel requires the following applications:

  • Microsoft Outlook for Mac (Office 365 Subscription) version 16.53 or later

  • Exchange Server - Exchange Online

For information about configuring the iManage Work panel for Outlook, refer to section in iManage Work Desktop for Mac Installation Guide.

When a filed email is selected, the filing location is displayed at the top of the panel.