Creating new folders

If your Administrator has enabled Flexible Folders, where users are restricted to folders based on a template, you would get a list of predefined folders to choose from.

If your administrator has selected Allow user to rename this folder for the selected template, you can rename the folder in this dialog. After the folder is created, you cannot rename the folder in the UI. To have a folder with a different name, you must delete the folder and recreate it from the folder template dialog.

If the Flexible Folders is not enabled, you can create a folder by simply entering the name of the folder in a workspace.

To create a folder when Flexible Folders is enabled:

  1. Select the name of a matter to open it.
    The matter appears on the top of the list. Its contents are listed below it.

  2. From the images/download/thumbnails/74458598/image2019-6-16_1-17-9.png More Actions menu, select images/download/thumbnails/74458598/image2019-6-16_1-17-54.png New Folder.

  3. Select a template from the Template pull-down list.

  4. Select a predefined folder from the list. Deselect folders you do not want to create. If a folder is required by the template you cannot deselect it.

  5. Select Create.

The new folder inherits the same security as the parent workspace when created unless specified differently using the template.

When you create a folder using a template, you cannot rename the folder name from the folder properties dialog. To rename a folder, you must delete it and recreate it from the folder template dialog.