Declaring a record

You can declare a document to be a record. A document that is a record can no longer be edited or deleted, except by an administrator.

To declare a document as a record:

  1. Highlight a document in the list.

  2. From the kebab menu images/download/attachments/85065777/image2017-12-3_17_12_39.png select images/download/thumbnails/85065777/4.png More Actions and then select images/download/thumbnails/85065777/image2019-6-15_21-21-41.png Declare As Record.
    The Declare as Record dialog box appears.
    Figure: Declare a record dialog box


    You can reverse this decision and undeclare a record for a specific period of time. For more information, see Undeclaring a Record.

  3. Select Declare File as Record to declare the document as a record.
    When you have declared the document as a record, the Record images/download/thumbnails/85065777/image2019-6-15_21-23-18.png icon appears next to that document in the document grid.

When you declare a document as a record, the action is recorded in the document’s history.

You can use the Open command to open the declared document in its native application, make changes, and subsequently save it back to the iManage Work library as a new document or a new version of the original document.