Editing email properties

You can edit the properties of emails filed to iManage if you have read/write access to the email.

Select an email in the list and then select images/download/thumbnails/74458483/image2018-6-28_16-12-13.png to open the Properties panel.

Most supported fields are now editable in the properties panel. This include subject, comments, class, and sub-class, which were added to the properties panel for emails.

Select a property to edit it. Most properties present a pull-down menu for you to select a different value.

To edit the subject line, select the line and make your changes. Select images/download/thumbnails/74458483/image2018-7-25_16-46-4.png to save, or images/download/thumbnails/74458483/image2018-7-25_16-46-47.png to cancel.

The following fields are still read-only to preserve the integrity of the email as a record:

  • Document number

  • Filed By

  • Filed Date

  • Custom 13

  • Custom 14

  • Custom 15

  • Custom 16

  • Custom 21

  • Custom 22