Emailing documents

  1. Highlight a document. From the kebab menu images/download/attachments/85065921/image2017-12-1_22_56_0.png select images/download/thumbnails/85065921/image2019-6-15_21-1-35.png Share, and then select images/download/thumbnails/85065921/image2019-6-15_21-3-7.png Send Document.
    The Share Document dialog box appears.
    Figure: Share Document


  2. Add your recipients.

  3. (Optional) Add a personalized message.

  4. The Attach file to email check box is selected by default.

  5. You can select the Send link check box if you wish to send the document link.
    Select File Email to file the email to your preferred location.

    Users must compulsorily select either the Send link check box or Attach file to email check box before selecting the File Email check box. Else, as error message is displayed as shown below:


  6. Select Send.