Forwarding and replying to emails

  1. Highlight an email in the list and from the kebab menu images/download/attachments/74458489/image2017-12-3_17_3_50.png , select images/download/thumbnails/74458489/image2019-6-16_0-37-33.png Reply, images/download/thumbnails/74458489/image2019-6-16_0-37-56.png Reply All or images/download/thumbnails/74458489/image2019-6-16_0-38-23.png Forward.

  2. An email dialog appears, where you can complete the Reply or Forward action.

  3. Select Send.

When forwarding/replying to an email saved to a workspace folder, you can send a copy of the email to the same workspace folder, if that folder has a valid WCSE (iManage Work Communications Server for Exchange) email address assigned to it.