Moving documents and emails from Recent Lists and Search Results

When users search for documents or emails using Personalized images/download/thumbnails/74458249/1.png or All images/download/thumbnails/74458249/2.png (databases) in iManage Work Web, it is now possible to move up to 50 items from the search results list to a new workspace folder. This feature is supported when performing both simple and advanced search. The Move option is also enabled when browsing documents or emails using any of the below list views:

  • Recent Documents

  • Recently Filed Emails

  • Emails Filed by me

  • Latest Documents Views within a Client and Matter

  • Latest Emails Views within a Client and Matter

After selecting the item(s) to move (up to a maximum of 50), users can invoke the Move operation by right-clicking a selected item and then selecting Move. Alternatively, users can select the Move icon images/download/thumbnails/74458249/3.png appearing in the upper-right area above the search result, as shown in the following figure:

Figure: Move icon


After performing this activity from within a web browser, the following dialog box appears, allowing users to easily search for or navigate to the relevant workspace folder that they want to move the items to:

Figure: Move dialog box


After selecting the desired folder and selecting Move in this dialog box, a move progress panel appears confirming if all the selected items were moved successfully.

Figure: Move progress panel


If the Move operation fails, the documents or emails in question appear under the Attention tab of the panel and denote the reason for failure.

Figure: Attention tab


After the Move operation is completed, users are taken back to the location (either the List View or the Search Results Page where they invoked the Move operation from). In Recent Views or Search results sets, successfully moved items are denoted by being grayed out in the list view, allowing users to clearly see which items have already moved and which, if any, are still pending. If required, users can navigate to the next page in the current results set and easily repeat the Move action for the next set of documents. After users navigate away from the current search results set or list view, any items that were moved will no longer be grayed out.

If users are moving items from a Latest List View under a Matter or a Client and if the items are being moved to a different Matter or Client, the items are immediately removed from the Latest List View after a successful Move operation.


The Move Selection dialog box is available in the Web Browser view only. If users are using iManage Work on a phone or from within the iManage Work Panel in Outlook in docked mode, Move is still supported, but the items selected are tracked within a Move dialog box that requires users to navigate away from their current document set to the desired location that they wish to move the selected items to.

Figure: Using Move from Search action in iManage Work Panel


The following limitations are applicable to the Move from Search feature:

  1. It is not possible to move documents from one library to another either within the same Work Server or across multiple Work Servers.

  2. Move requires Read-Write or Full Access to a document. In addition, you need to have Read-Write or Full Access to the destination folder.

  3. Move is not supported for email conversation threads. If an email conversation thread is selected to be moved, only the most recent email (first email in the thread in the list view) will be moved.


    Users can turn off conversation threads and move all the emails from the conversation as desired.