Performing an advanced search

Advanced Search enables you to define and execute a multi-level search and save it for reuse later.

  1. Select inside the search box, and then select Advanced Search.

  2. Select the content to search for:

    • Documents

    • Emails

    • Documents and Emails

    • Matters

    • Folders

  3. Using Search Scope, select the desired database. If one database only is integrated with iManage Work, you will not see a drop-down list.

  4. From the criteria drop-down lists, select the filters and values to search for. In the text fields, enter the text you are looking for. The following figure shows the results for a document search where:

    • The document must include briefing only in the title and

    • The keyword appendix only must appear in the title, description, content, or anywhere else.

    Figure: Advanced Search


  5. Optional:

    • Select Add Additional Criteria to add more levels of search criteria and narrow your search.

    • Select images/download/thumbnails/85065859/minus.png next to a search criteria level to remove it.

    • Select Clear to return all drop-down lists to their default state and to clear all text fields.

    • Select Show Criteria or Hide Criteria to display or hide all search criteria fields.

    • Selectimages/download/thumbnails/85065859/globe.png All to search for terms in a different language.

  6. Select images/download/thumbnails/85065859/all.png All to display matching documents by all authors in the search results. If you have multiple databases integrated with iManage Work, the documents that you have authored are displayed below images/download/thumbnails/85065859/personalised.png Personalized.

  7. In the search results list, click the required document and then:

    • Select images/download/thumbnails/85065859/more_items.png to display the Properties, Versions, and Preview tabs for the document.

    • Select images/download/thumbnails/85065859/options.png to open the document right-click menu that contains options for the various document tasks that you can perform.

  8. Select images/download/thumbnails/85065859/return.png to return to the iManage Work home page.

Saving the Advanced Search

  1. Select Save as Search Folder.

  2. Navigate to the location where you want to save the search.

  3. In the New Search Folder Properties pane, specify the following properties for the folder:

    • Folder name (required)

    • Description

    • Default Security: To change the default security setting, select View Security Details. Clear the Inherit Security From Parent Folder check box. Select Private, Public, View from the drop-down list. Select Add Users/Groups to give access to the desired users and groups.

  4. Select Save.


You cannot save personalized searches.