Searching for emails

  1. Select inside the search box and then select images/download/thumbnails/74458146/emails.png .

  2. Start entering characters.
    The list of search strings is displayed:

    • images/download/thumbnails/74458146/subject.png Subject: ""

    • images/download/thumbnails/74458146/from.png From: ""

    • images/download/thumbnails/74458146/number.png Number:""


      Enter the document number to search for emails by document number or. You can also search for more than one document number at once by separating the numbers with ", " (command with a space)

    • images/download/thumbnails/74458146/to.png To: ""

    • images/download/thumbnails/74458146/keyword.png Keyword: ""

  3. To narrow your search, enter the search characters for one or more strings within the quotation marks and select images/download/thumbnails/74458146/search.png . The content list is narrowed down to display the documents that meet your search criteria.