Searching for matters

  1. Select inside the search box and then select images/download/thumbnails/74458151/matters.png .

  2. Start entering characters.
    The list of search strings is displayed:

    • images/download/thumbnails/74458151/title.png Title:""

    • images/download/thumbnails/74458151/description.png Description: ""

    • images/download/thumbnails/74458151/owner.png Owner: ""

    • images/download/thumbnails/74458151/keyword.png Keyword: ""

  3. Enter the search characters for each string within the quotation marks and select images/download/thumbnails/74458151/search.png . The content list is narrowed down to display the matters that meet your search criteria.

  4. Enter the name of the matter that you want to search for and then select images/download/thumbnails/74458151/search.png .