Undeclaring a record

If you have read/write permissions to a document that was declared a record, you can undeclare the document as a record. Undeclaring a document restores it to its status prior to declaration, and you can change its profile information. However, you can undeclare a record only within a specific period of time from after the document was declared. This time period is configured by your iManage Work Administrator. After this time period expires, you cannot undeclare a document.

To undeclare a document:

  1. Highlight a document in the list.

  2. From the kebab menu images/download/attachments/74458447/image2017-12-3_17_13_2.png select images/download/thumbnails/74458447/4.png More Actions and then select images/download/thumbnails/74458447/image2019-6-16_0-9-22.png UnDeclare as Record.
    When you have undeclared the document, the Locked images/download/thumbnails/74458447/Lock.png icon disappears.

When you undeclare a document, the action is recorded in the document’s history.