Viewing a document's timeline

A document timeline shows document details such as views, edits, profile changes, downloads and so on.

Select a document in the list and select images/download/thumbnails/74458323/2.png Timeline from the kebab menu images/download/thumbnails/74458323/1.png .

The Document Timeline page appears in the Activities tab.

The Activities tab

The Activities tab displays a graphical representation of document activities. By default the timeline is shown is 1 month, but you can change the timeline as shown below:

Select the desired timeline such as:

    1. 1D: Displays the document activity on a day.
      If you are currently not on the most recent activity date, you can use the images/download/thumbnails/74458323/3.png and images/download/thumbnails/74458323/4.png icons to skip to the first or last days, or use the images/download/thumbnails/74458323/5.png and images/download/thumbnails/74458323/6.png icons for the previous and next days respectively.


      The date when the document was created is the first day.

    2. 1W: Displays the cumulative data for a week.

    3. 1M: Displays the cumulative data for a month.
      By default, the timeline is set to one month.

    4. 3M: Displays the cumulative date for three months.

    5. More: Enables an online calendar that you can use to select a specific time frame.