Viewing document properties

To view and edit the properties of a document:

  • On the desktop, highlight a document in the list and select images/download/thumbnails/63806703/Show_Details.png . The details of the document are available under the Properties panel.

  • In the mobile view, highlight the document and then select the kebab menu images/download/attachments/76842790/image2017-12-3_17_14_12.png . Select images/download/thumbnails/76842790/image2019-6-15_20-55-35.png Properties. The Properties panel appears.

The following fields are read-only:

  • Created

  • Modified

  • Status

You can edit the following fields if you have the correct permissions:

  • Author

  • Class

  • Comments

  • Custom Fields

If you are the author or operator of a document, you can change the security permissions by selecting Security .