A document timeline shows document details such as views, edits, profile changes, downloads and so on. 

Select a document in the list and select  Timeline from the kebab menu .

The Document Timeline page appears in the Activities tab. 

The Activities tab

The Activities tab displays a graphical representation of document activities. By default the timeline is shown is 1 month, but you can change the timeline as shown below: 

Select the desired timeline such as:

      1. 1D: Displays the document activity on a day.
        If you are currently not on the most recent activity date, you can use the   and  icons to skip to the first or last days, or use the  and  icons for the previous and next days respectively.


        The date when the document was created is the first day.

      2. 1W: Displays the cumulative data for a week.
      3. 1M: Displays the cumulative data for a month.
        By default, the timeline is set to one month.
      4. 3M: Displays the cumulative date for three months.
      5. More: Enables an online calendar that you can use to select a specific time frame.