What’s new in iManage Work Desktop for Windows

Build:  (October 2021)

Improvements to working with documents

Create personalized letters using Mail Merge

Do you create a batch of documents, for example—a letter or invoice, that is personalized for each of your clients? You can now initiate a mail merge by selecting documents directly from iManage Work instead of downloading the files to your local machine.

Insert text from PDF file into Microsoft Word

Now you can insert text from a PDF file that is available in iManage Work directly into Microsoft Word. You no longer have to download the PDF and convert it to a text file before pasting the content into a Microsoft Word document.


Working with Adobe Acrobat Standard and Professional versions made easier

If you use Adobe Acrobat Standard DC and Adobe Acrobat Pro DC versions in your organization, you can now open a document directly from iManage Work for the following operations:

  • Create a single or multiple PDF file(s) from any file saved in iManage Work and save it back to iManage Work.
  • Create a PDF portfolio from files saved in iManage Work and save it back to iManage Work.
  • Compare two PDF files saved in iManage Work.
  • Combine two or more PDF files saved in iManage Work.
  • Add bates numbers to the PDF files saved in iManage Work.

Need to open files from your local machine? Use the Open local file option available in the iManage Open dialog box to open any file that is available on your machine.

NOTE: These features are not supported when using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Want to use Adobe Acrobat in a different language?

Previously, Adobe Acrobat Reader and Adobe Acrobat DC supported localization based on the language configured in Microsoft Windows only. Now you can configure Adobe Acrobat to be in any supported language than the local setup. Contact your administrator if you need to change the default language for Adobe Acrobat. 

NOTE: The supported languages are English (default), French (France), German, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.

Improvements to Email Management for Microsoft Outlook

Saving attachments from a Microsoft Outlook invitation

Now you can save attachments received in Microsoft Outlook invitations to iManage Work as a New Document or a New Version using the Save Attachments option available in EMM toolbar.

More than one email filing suggestion?

To increase the accuracy of email suggestions, a suggestion icon and tooltip is now displayed to indicate that alternate filing suggestions are available when you select a filing location for filing emails.

Want to view all the files saved when selecting a filing location?

Now you can simply open the iManage Work folder from suggested filing to view all the emails and documents saved in iManage Work folder. This helps you decide if the filing location you have selected is the correct one.

Choose how you want to insert attachments when composing emails

You can now decide how file attachments can be added (link, file, or both) and your selection will be remembered. This saves you time when drafting emails.

Previous release: iManage Work Desktop for Windows 10.5 and iManage Drive 10.5.1