Editing a Document as a Co-Editor

  1. As a co-editor, you receive an email invite that contains an NRL link and a web link to the shared document.

  2. Select either of the following links to open the document:

    • Web link: Opens the document in the Office application online. In the online mode, you can choose to edit in the browser or in the native application.

    • NRL: Opens the document in its native application if you have an iManage Work desktop client installed.


      iManage Work Desktop for Windows or the co-authoring add-on must be installed to open a NRL link in a co-authoring session. If you just have a desktop client, then you will get prompted to open the document in read-only mode.

  3. Edit the document.

If other users are editing the document at the same, you will be notified of the same. If co-editors update a document simultaneously in online mode, they can instantly view one another's changes. To view the simultaneous edits in the native application, save the document to refresh the view.