Trash FAQ

  • What happens to a deleted document if the Trash feature is NOT enabled for users?
    The document is deleted for the user but it can be restored on the Control Center Trash page by an NRTADMIN user.

  • What happens to a deleted document if the Trash feature is enabled for users?
    The user who deleted the document (using the Move to Trash option) can restore it from their Trash, and NRTADMIN users can restore the documents from the Control Center Trash page.

  • Who can restore documents?

    • NRTADMIN users can restore documents from Trash for other users.

    • The user who has deleted the document can restore it from their Trash. The document does not appear in the Trash for author/operator so they cannot restore it.

  • What happens when a document is restored from Trash by an administrator?

    • The document is restored to the original location.

    • Reference locations are restored.

    • Security of the document prior to moving it to Trash is restored.

    • Administrator gets a link that can be sent to the user to retrieve the document.

    • Audit entry is recorded in the Timeline of the document. The admin is prompted to supply an optional comment when restoring. The comment will be recorded as the audit comment. This is useful so that administrators can track a request from an end user, such as by referencing a help desk ticket number.

  • What can cause a document failure during restore?
    If the parent folder is deleted, document restoration fails.

  • Why can't I reuse the version of a document that is in the Trash?
    Though the document is deleted, it still exists in the iManage Work library. To reuse a document version, you have to permanently purge the document from Trash.

  • What happens to documents when they are Permanently Deleted?
    The document is deleted and will no longer be displayed in the user's Trash or in the Control Center Trash. If Journaling is enabled, the audit journal does maintain a copy of the permanent deletion event. This allows administrators to perform a recovery in the event that a document was accidentally purged.

  • Is there any way for users to bypass Trash and permanently purge a document?
    There is no option to bypass Trash on a per-document or per-user basis.

  • Can administrators access the document content from the Control Center Trash page?
    No, the document content is confidential and is not available to administrators to prevent misuse of information.

  • Can administrators permanently delete documents directly from Control Center?
    No, a user must first perform a Move to Trash operation on the document in iManage Work. Only then will the document be visible in the Control Center Trash page, at which point an administrator can permanently delete the document.