You can free up disk space by any of the following methods: 

  • Use Access Online Only to make the files that you do not need to access offline available only when you are online. The green checkmark  icon changes to the cloud icon. All files with can be accessed in iManage Work and are available only when you are online. In this state these files do not take up any disk space.
  • Select and then select Show document change log. The list of files you made changes to or added in your mapped folder are displayed. Right-click the document or documents and then select Delete document change. For any documents selected, the reference tracking the most recent change to the document(s) will be removed. This can help lower disk space as all references to a file stored within iManage Drive must be deleted before the physical file can be deleted by iManage Drive to free up space. 

Additionally, iManage Drive frees up disk space four times a day by removing files that are no longer in referenced in Finder or Document change log. This includes documents that are not opened or modified recently.