On the Sync tab, change the default value for the following option as required and select OK:

Sync Frequency (Minutes): The interval at which iManage Drive checks for file changes (modifications, deletion, addition or renaming of files) and performs a sync between iManage Work and your Mac. The default value is 30 minutes, which means that if the Mac is left idle, the sync will be performed every half an hour. When you perform activities in iManage Drive, such as, select any tab or open a file, the application automatically performs a sync, irrespective of the sync frequency.

(Optional) The check box is selected by default. Clear it when you do not not want to use the document sync feature.


Despite whatever Sync Frequency you have set, iManage Drive performs a sync with iManage every minute when it detects that you are using the application, even when you do not make changes to any file. For example, when you interact with or open the application or browse for iManage content within the mapped drive.