The following are the directories and the configuration file available in iManage Drive for Mac.

iManage Drive working directory: Directory where users create and modify their folders and files. The following is the default directory: $HOME/iManageDrive.

iManage Drive data directory: Directory where iManage Drive for Mac saves data into databases. It contains encrypted file storage, log files, and so on. The default directory for iManage Drive for Mac data directory is $HOME/Library/Application Support/iManage/GoDrive.

iManage Drive encrypted files directory: Directory that contains encrypted files that are references from iManage Drive for Mac working directory. The default directory for the iManage Drive encrypted file storage directory is $HOME/Library/Application Support/iManage/GoDrive/files.

iManage Drive admin_settings.yaml file: Configuration file that changes the application mode (user mode by default) and customizes the account setup options. The default location is the /Library/Application Support/iManage/Drive/admin_settings.yaml.