You can now import folders from their native location to iManage Drive in bulk. When importing folders in bulk, iManage Drive does the following:

  • Copies folders from user’s native location to iManage Drive. Microsoft Windows displays a prompt for the copy action and closes the prompt when the task is completed.
  • Syncs the copied folders to iManage Work. Users can view the sync status at the bottom of the Notifications tab in iManage Drive panel.


  • We recommend that you don’t shut down or lock your device when the copying of folders is in progress, as this can stop the copy action.

  • Although you can continue to work in iManage Drive, any changes made to documents are synced only after iManage Drive completes syncing the folders that were imported in bulk.

  • Although you can import files in bulk, any limitations specified by your administrator in the admin_settings.yaml configuration file aren't applied. For more information, contact your administrator. 

Your administrator can set the number of folders you can import in bulk. When you try to import more files or folders than the value specified in the admin settings or the import exceeds the limit specified, iManage Drive displays an error message.

For example, if administrators set the bulk_import_folder_limit option to 100 and you try to import more than 100 folders, iManage Drive displays the following error message:

Figure: Message when imported folders exceed the limit

Currently, we support only one bulk import at a time. For example, when copying a folder into iManage Drive, you can’t import folders from or to another location until the folder’s contents are synced to the server or discarded. If you try to import a set of folders from or to a location other than ‌the location in which files or folders are being synced in bulk, iManage Drive displays the following error message:

Figure: Message displayed when users try to import folders when iManage Drive is still syncing