In addition to the Select Folder option on the Preferences > General tab, you can now make the content in your mapped drive available for offline access by downloading entire containers such as, workspaces, folders, tabs, subfolders to your computer. Whenever any new content is added to a downloaded container or its subcontainers in iManage Work, the content is automatically downloaded to the mapped drive during the next sync.

Navigate to the mapped folder, right-click the container you want to download and select Download/Sync to iManage Work. All content in the container is downloaded except search folders, Share folders, folder shortcuts, and categories. 

The estimated time remaining and the number of files is displayed at the bottom of the iManage Drive panel.

Figure: Time remaining and file count

After all content in the selected container is downloaded, the  status message is displayed in the lower-left corner of the iManage Drive panel. Also, the following message is displayed:

Figure: Container download message

If you run out of hard disk space, iManage Drive notifies you and prompts you to free up space. After you do that, the download resumes automatically.

Figure: Out of hard drive space message

The download may pause due to interrupted network connection, lack of hard disk space, or when the computer goes in to sleep mode or runs out of battery. It resumes automatically from where it paused after the network connection is resumed, disk space is freed up, or when the computer is powered on again.

While downloading containers in iManage Drive, you can pause the download if you want to use the network bandwidth for some other purpose, for example—to verify the selection for download, using. This option appears when you hover your mouse pointer over the lower-left corner of the iManage Drive panel.


The option not only pauses container download but also pauses sync for all iManage Drive content.

Since the emails within a container are not downloaded by default, a notification about this is displayed the first time you try to download a container. The same notification is also displayed on the Notifications tab in iManage Drive. To include emails while downloading folders, set the allow_bulk_email_download option to true. For more information, refer to the Configuring user settings section in iManage Drive Administration Guide.


When users right-click a downloaded container or an individual file and select Properties, Size on disk is always displayed as 0 (zero) bytes. This is by design.

The following icons indicate the status of the content in your mapped drive:

  • : The green check mark for a container indicates that the container is marked for download. All the content inside the container is available locally. Any new content added to a container that is marked is also downloaded automatically to the mapped drive. A green check mark on a file indicates that the file is available locally for offline access.
    • As each child container is downloaded, it is marked as download complete with the green check mark .
    • When a parent container is downloading, the download icon appears only for it only when all the folders and subfolders inside the parent container are completely downloaded.
  • : The refresh icon is displayed when:
    • Workspace, folder, or file download is in progress.
    • Folders or files that are locally updated, added, replaced, or deleted need to be synced to iManage Work. 
      Similar changes in iManage Work need to be synced to your mapped drive. 
  • : The partial icon is displayed when some content inside the folder is available only online and some is available locally. This folder is not marked for download. For example, when you download a container but emails are ignored for download per the administration policy, the partial icon is displayed even though all other (non-email) files are downloaded. 


    A folder can display a partial icon even when all individual files inside the folder are downloaded independently. This is to indicate that the folder is not marked for offline access.

  • : The cloud icon is displayed when no item in a container is downloaded, that is, they are stubs and not available for offline access.