To reorganize iManage Work content, you need not sign in to iManage Work. You can move folders from one place to another in the same workspace from within iManage Drive itself. 

  1. Open your iManage Drive mapped folder and navigate to the source folder (that you want to move).
  2. In the left pane of Windows File Explorer, expand the folder hierarchy under M: (or any other drive to which to have mapped iManage Drive) to display the destination folder (where you want to move the source folder).
  3. Drop the source folder from the right pane of the Windows File Explorer to the destination folder in the left pane.
    (Alternatively) In your mapped folder:
    • Navigate to the source folder, cut it and then navigate to the destination folder and paste the source folder in it.
    • Drag-and-drop a folder to another folder at the same level.


Ensure that you have permissions to upload to the destination folder else iManage Drive will ignore the task and notify you about the lack of permissions.

The version history for all documents in the moved folder is retained and the latest version of each document is shown in the new location.