From iManage Drive 10.10 onwards, you can use the Enable Preview option for folders. However, the Enable preview feature displays only the previews of the immediate child documents of a parent folder. For any subfolders available in the parent folder, you have to select the subfolder and select Enable Preview to preview the files in the subfolder. 

A new right-click menu option Enable Preview is now available in iManage Drive. Using this option, you can preview ‌a document or documents available in iManage Drive in the Preview pane in your Microsoft Windows Explorer. To preview document(s):

  1. In your Microsoft Windows Explorer, select the View tab and then select Preview
  2. (Optional) Set layout to one of the following: 
    • Extra large icons
    • Large icons
    • Medium icons
  3. Select the document or documents you want to preview. Alternatively, you select the folder to preview all the documents in that folder. 
  4. Right-click and select Enable Preview
  5. Select each document to view it in the Preview pane. 

Figure: Enable Preview for documents


  • From iManage Drive 10.10 onwards, the timeline in iManage Work displays Viewed version # using iManage Drive only once in 24 hours even if users perform multiple actions on the document like scanning the document for viruses or printing the document using right-click option.
  • However, the timeline displays Viewed version # using iManage Drive everytime users open the document in its native application before previewing the document. After previewing, the timeline displays the following in 24 hours:
    • Viewed version #, when using the Enable Preview option in iManage Drive
    • Viewed version # using iManage Drive winword.exe, when opened in Microsoft Word
  • If the admin settings are configured to checkout documents when a file is opened, documents that are already available as a full file may not be checked out when you open the files.
    For example, when a Microsoft Word document is marked for preview, iManage Drive downloads the Microsoft Word document and the document wouldn't be checked out when you open this document. When you save your changes, then the Microsoft Word document is checked out by iManage Drive. 
  • When previewing a document, the document attribute changes from ALOUM to A
  • Previously, when previewing documents in a folder, you had to select Enable Preview every time you closed Windows' Explorer. From iManage Drive 10.10 onwards, you could preview documents in a folder without having to select Enable Preview for 24 hours. After 24 hours, you had to select Enable Preview to preview the files.

Disabling file preview

If you don't want to ‌preview any file, use Access Online Only. When you use Access Online only, documents are available ‌only when you are online. The green checkmark  icon changes to the cloud icon. All documents with cloudicon can be accessed in iManage Work and are available only when you are online. In this state, these files don't take up any disk space.

Additionally, administrators can also set to enable_preview admin setting in the admin_settings.yaml file to false to turn off preview. For more information, contact your administrator.