iManage Drive supports security policy updates to clients and matters through iManage Security Policy Manager (SPM), for the synced matters and documents. 


This feature requires iManage Work Server 10.3 or later.

Based on the security policy updates in SPM, the following changes occur to the iManage Work content synced to iManage Drive:

  • Any synced matter and/or document for which access is revoked, is removed from the users' local drive. They are not displayed in the iManage Drive UI anymore and users cannot search for them using the application UI. 
  • Conflict occurs when trying to sync documents for which access is revoked. iManage Drive UI indicates that there is a conflict and the iManage Drive Conflict Resolution Editor informs the users' that they no longer have access to these documents and prompts users to save them as new documents. For more information about what conflicts are and how to resolve them, refer to the Conflict Resolution section in iManage Drive User Guide.
  • There is no conflict if access is revoked for matters that contain documents that users have opened but not edited. The matters and documents are removed from iManage Drive after the documents are closed.


iManage Drive looks for SPM Policy changes every hour and updates the content. SPM Policy changes are not reflected in iManage Drive in real time.