Application installation

After running the application installer successfully and quitting the installer wizard, verify that iManage Drive icon is displayed in the Windows task bar.

Connection to iManage Work

Select the iManage Drive  icon in the Windows taskbar and then select the Open iManage Work Browser  icon. If you have added iManage Work accounts using the admin_settings.yaml file, the servers are listed here. Select any account and verify that you can sign in with your credentials and view the landing page. Repeat this step to test the connection with each server.

Folder mapping

  1. Go to the network drive, which is M drive by default in Windows.


    If the M drive is already in use, the mapping is not created. You can set it to any other drive letter using the native_drive_letter option. For more information, see Configuring user settings and Changing iManage Drive directories.

  2. Ensure that the workspaces you synced are available.
  3. Verify that the workspaces contain the same folders and files that you see in iManage Work.

Application integration

Right-click any file in your local drive and verify that you see the context menu options.