To ensure that you get regular updates about the work progress and activities of others' tasks, iManage Tracker sends you a daily report through email of the tasks for users and groups you have selected. The updates are listed separately for each user and group and have the same components and features as the updates you receive for your tasks. For more information, refer to Viewing the daily email report of your and others' tasks.

To receive email updates for users, groups, and trackers:

  1. In iManage Work, while viewing the tracker for a matter or when you access the Tasks or Matter Tracker tabs, select the drop-down arrow next to your username, and then select Preferences. The Preferences page opens in a new tab.
  2. In the search fields, enter a few letters of the user, group, or tracker name and then selected the required option from the results displayed. Repeat the process for all users, groups, and trackers for which you want to get email updates.
    The selected users, groups, and trackers are listed underneath the search fields. If you follow trackers by selecting More options  in the upper-right corner and then selecting Start following, the trackers are also listed on the Preferences page.

    Figure: Users, groups, and trackers followed

  3. (Optional) Select to remove a user or group you no longer wish to receive email updates on.