The Microsoft Word or other files that your organization uses to track tasks for a particular project are inefficient as they don't connect to iManage Work and aren't linked to the relevant matter. These document-based checklists divert you from the main tasks as they need to be manually updated, checked, tracked, and shared. As an administrator, you can replace existing checklists with iManage Tracker for continuous and better visibility to stakeholders.

iManage Tracker is quick to set up, indicates progress without much intervention, automatically sends daily task reports to the assigner and assignee about the status of tasks for users and checklists that they choose to get updates on, and publishes reports as Microsoft Word document or CSV files that you can print and sign manually, as required. Additionally, you can export the checklist for a matter as a JSON file and later import it to other matters to create instant checklists with the required fields, tasks, and data.