After the tasks in the checklist are completed or whenever you want to send a report of the activities, generate a file to send to management and other stakeholders. If you want to export only the tasks that meet a certain criteria, filter or search for the tasks and then export. At least one task must be available in the filtered view else an error message is displayed.


  • Links to files and folders that were added to tasks are preserved, that is, users can link the links in the exported files to open the file or folder in iManage Work.
  • If a checklist has more than 1000 tasks, a message appears informing that it can't be exported.
  1. Select More options  and one of the following options: 

    • Export to Word

    • Export to CSV

    • Export to Tracker JSON

  2. (Optional) Change the:

    • file name, which is the name of the matter by default, in the Save As field.

    • location for saving the file by navigating to it.

  3. Select Save. The file is saved to the specified location.